We are constantly on the look- out for dedicated young individuals who will add value to our firm in a holistic manner. We encourage our members to think, implement and create new ideas, keeping us dynamic and ever-evolving.

Join us at AMEET group and give us a chance to showcase your genius practically through a name that is revered by consultants, engineers and other stake holders all over the country.

Do you have what it takes?

1. The individual spirit is appreciated by being an efficient team member is applauded.
2. Not just our work, but our firm as a whole embodies the spirit of honesty and integrity.
3. The ability to constantly evolve and embrace changing trends and better technology.
4. To have the confidence and skill to tackle any EPC related issue thrown by the client our way.
5. To value our client’s time and money and our own efforts as a team.

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Available Positions

Designation: Store Keeper

Job Description:

Keeping track of information in order to keep business in order. Ensure proper scheduling, record keeping, and inventory control.

Weigh, measure, check, and keep accurate records of materials, supplies, and other equipment that enters a warehouse. They verify the quantity and quality of items they are assigned, checking for defects and recording what they find.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Check inventory records for accuracy.
  • Find, sort and move goods as and when required.
  • Check for quality and quantity of the materials at the warehouse.
  • Receiving, Inspecting, Recording Receipts of Materials at Site.
  • Stocking, Maintaining, Upkeep, Security of Materials at site (STOCK REGISTERS).
  • Issuing, Inspecting, Recording Issue of Materials at Site.
  • Rejecting any materials received.
  • Debit Notes for Non Compliance, Damage, Loss, and Issue of Materials to contractors (DEBIT NOTE).
  • Balance Inventory Transfer to Warehouse (CLOSURE REPORT).
  • Receiving, Maintaining, and Issuing of Site (incl Safety Equipment) Assets (SITE ASSET REGISTER).