At Ameet Group, a distinctly dynamic group of young engineers strive to realize all your EPC needs. Our firm’s success is driven not only by efficient strategies but also by the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between all the verticals. We realize the value of your time and the importance of your project and therefore concentrate all our efforts in achieving your goal as fast as possible. The best in the field, our team ensures that you too receive the best of our abilities.

Our Culture : Alliance

The Five Pillars of The AMEET Group are:

1. Alliance:

Every team member is encouraged to voice his/ her opinion and ideas which gives rise to a positive give and take essential to the growth of any company. Since we are comprised of a variety of technicians coming from various sectors and background, we take into account everyone’s expertise in every field to optimize our productivity.

2. Meticulousness:

Attention to minute details is what sets us apart in the field of safety. Rubbing off corners and hiding faults which might jeopardize our clients’ safety later just isn’t our working style. We take utmost care in perfecting our job. This warrants you, a perfectly completed project and us, immense job satisfaction.

3. Evolve:

We embrace Einstein’s philosophy of change being the only constant. A dedicated Research and Development team keeps us abreast with the latest developments in the field. It encourages us to question every process, fill in the faults and develop a product or plan that is much better than its predecessor. We are the first to adopt AND adapt to future technological changes and we guarantee that you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors.

4. Ethical duty:

We base our firm’s foundation on honesty and integrity. Each member is a valuable asset not only because of their technical prowess but also because they bring to the table an assertion of our core values. Our belief in giving back to the community is realized in our designs where we try to maximize environment friendly techniques.

5. Technical Aptitude:

Working with us places you on the receiving end of a highly progressive and technically sound process. Our team is highly qualified to tackle a diverse range of issues within the constraints of a budget and time. They also make sure that each project is cost effective and efficient on a long term basis. We give in our best to ensure that you get the best.