Every ship needs a captain able enough to sail through every wind and over every tide. Under the able guidance of inspirational leaders, we have flourished and are one of the foremost companies in construction services.

Mr. Sudhir Shah (Managing Director)

The founder with over 4 decades of experience in the field, he is the primary strategist responsible for the success of this company. He is a national executive committee member of the Indian Plumbing Association and has many other accolades to his name. His association and work with prominent institutions like the Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services, Indian Waterworks Association and the Indian Green Building Association has propelled the rise of this firm over the ladder of trust and repute.

Mr. Kirit Shah (Director)

The Co-founder and Head of Operations and Engineering of Ameet Group, he has over 3 decades of experience in the EPC Services industry. His technical expertise and brilliance have contributed immensely in successfully overseeing all operations in the company.

Mr. Ashwin Shah (Director)

With over 4 decades of experience working at the topmost positions and heading the department of finance and procurement in large real estate enterprises and in the construction industry, he brings in a vast pool of expertise and network in this department. He is aptly entrusted with the critical care of the financial structuring of the business.

Mr. Nirav Shah (Executive Director)

Previously the youngest director of a prestigious interior and civil works EPC firm, he brings in the dynamic energy required for planning and designing required on a day to day basis. With over a decade of experience in this field and the qualification of being a civil engineer, he develops strategic implementation plans for the organization.

Mr. Malay Shah (Project Manager)

A civil engineer and a diploma in fire fighting, he is responsible for on-site operation. With almost a decade’s experience, he brings in the young energy required to motivate our team of consultants, engineers and plumbers.